Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wild and Windy Workshop

Today's weather  - 3rd January 2012 - was very wild and windy. My workshop is an old den at the bottom of the garden that has been used for all sorts of things over the years we have lived here. But now it's well and truly mine and full of my 'toys'. The latest addition was my Christmas present - a frame for my drill that turns it in to a Bench drill

This now means my drill holes are pretty much perfect and I can whizz through drilling lots of holes. This morning saw the creation of 4 coat racks

Loads of time saved :) These racks were made from a vintage coffee table (the struts between the legs), the pegs added and now they just need a lick of paint

Tess (my dog) was not impressed with the weather !!! and found it a bit unsettling when the workshop nearly blew away several times through the morning :(

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