Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More products - Broken China Pendants

I've been working hard on a final range of products - this has proved quite difficult, mainly because the business is built on the idea or upcycling / recycling and so I am limited to making things for which I can find the raw materials fairly easliy. Problem is you never know what form the materials will come in. So, an old coffee table might lend itself to being painted or if it's too damaged it may be better to turn it into shelves or a coat rack.

I have come up with a list that I hope to (roughly) stick to, otherwise I will end up being distracted by new ideas all the time. The current list is:

Coat & Jewellery racks
Picture Frames
Black boards
Book Marks
Book ends
Cup cake stands

I have spent some time making some prototypes - first of which are broken china pendants. To make these I have smashed a plate (well my son did !) chosen some good shapes from the pieces and then used a grinder attachment on the drill to finish the edges. I did try drilling holes, but haven't mastered that technique yet ! So, the pendants have a bail attached to them to allow them to be hung.

I'm quite pleased with the results:

What do you think ?

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