Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Blog, Folksy, Etsy, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Website - how many things need updating !!!

I've been trying to get things up and running online - Wow, what a lot of options / things to do / potential selling tools, so far I have my blog (but you know that because you are here !), I am selling on ebay, I have set up an Etsy shop, a Folksy shop, have a Facebook page, have a website, have a twitter account - phew, I think that is it so far.

So I'm wondering which of these online tools will prove to be effective. I have always sold on Ebay, but it is very expensive so I would like the cheaper alternatives of Folksy and Etsy to work - time will tell. Meanwhile I must remember to tweet, update the facebook page and blog and link it altogether via the website. I hope the time pressure to perform the online tasks won't outstrip the time needed to actually make my products !!!

Here are the links to some of my internet 'places'

Etsy shop
Folksy Shop
Follow me on Twitter
Rescue and Revive Website

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